Passportisation, facility management
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In the catalog you will find all companies registered on the portal, companies are sorted by type of service in groups passportisation companies and facility management companies. Companies details and services list are show on companies detail pages.

Passportisation companies

Passportisation companies in catalog
mostly provide these services:

Building passport

Property passportisation

Energy passport

Breeding animals passportisation

Road signaling passportisation

Railway passportisation

Infrastructure passportisation

Engeniering networks passportisation

Facility management companies

Facility management companies in directory on site are providing facility management service in range they specified with registration. More details on FM services list you find on companies detail pages in company services description

Both passportisation companies and facility management companies are further sorted by geographical region, country and subregion dependent on the country. If you prefer to find your service provider by classifieds you can easily do so in section classifieds.