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Passportisation and Facility management

Wellcome to independent passportisation and facility management portal. Here on the website you find catalog of passportisation and facility management companies, articles, news, videos and legislation info for both services. Also you can place your ad in classifieds section to seek best ratio of service and price. If you seek just guidance, you might find useful section software where are stored links and informations about software for passportisation and also for facility management.

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Once we know that passportisation is technical description of some object, we can easily say that every object can be passportized, that is the simple point of passportisation. Most know passports of today's days are property energy passport which is mostly based on full building passport, industrial and infrastructural objects are also often passportized. Less know are breeding animals passports, that are used in European Union, also rare are railway passportisation. When is passportisation a must and when it is just good to make you can read in articles about passportisation.

As we mentioned before, there are many types of passportisation, sometimes you can make it by yourself and sometimes is better to ask a specialist on passpotization. For self made passports are several usable software and online tools, those, we know about, are listed in section software for passportisation. Professional passportisation service seekers should visit section companies catalog and chose from registered passportisation professionals. If neither one option satisfies you, then just place and ad into section passportisation classifieds and let yourself be contacted by professionals.

Facility management

The service of facility management is usualy based on passportisation outputs, most usual is using of building passportisation or industrial object passport for increasing the efficiency of property management.

Facility management companies, articles, news, software and also facility management classifieds are sorted by regions as parael categories to passportisation sections.

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